Clear rules for fair competition

Our values


simple system GmbH & Co KG operates the eProcurement platform “simple system”, through which providers (vendors) and customers enter into a business relationship with each other. As an independent platform operator, we provide the technical platform for the sale or purchase of goods and services between vendors and customers.

simple system is committed to neutrality towards all platform participants.

Data security

As an eProcurement platform operator, data and information are some of our most valuable assets. Therefore, simple system is extremely serious about data security, trust and confidentiality.

We are aware of this special responsibility and consider it one of the most important obligations for us as a company along with each of our employees to ensure the security and confidentiality regarding any information about our vendors’ and customers’ platform activities.

Any information about prices, orders, and contractual relationships are exclusively accessible to the contracting parties themselves – unless it is publicly accessible.


The sole shareholder of simple system is Hoffmann SE, Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools. Hoffmann SE considers simple system to be a 100% neutral subsidiary and does not exert any influence on the platform’s operational business, apart from its strategic business orientation and strategic financing.

In particular, there are no special rights or advantages for the share- holder compared to other platform participants – especially with respect to their function as a vendor on the platform.

Like all other platform participants, Hoffmann SE is bound by all legal re- quirements as defined in our vendor contracts, general terms and conditions, and data protection agreement through which simple system guarantees the highest level of data security and confi- dentiality regarding sensitive data.

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